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Trading all over the world.

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The Belgian fruit and vegetables specialists,
From the heart of Europe

When the produce is passed on to the exporters, they use their expertise to provide personal service, tailored to your specific requirements. The flexible business environment allows for a quick response to specific trade-related requests.


  • Eminent export country
  • Direct contact and solid partnerships
  • Trust-based durable relationship
  • All set for export: expertise in customs formalities and export administration issues

Bring Belgian fruit and vegetables to your market

Ultramodern and unique sale systems make it even easier to bring Belgian delicacies to your market, facilitated by Belgium’s central location, in the very heart of Europe, at the crossroads of Europe’s dense transportation network.

They are passionate experts. They are proud innovators. But most of all, the Belgian fruit and vegetable suppliers are a pleasure to work with.

Personal contact, personal approach

You want to know who you work with, don’t you? Well, so do our suppliers. They are well aware that a good relationship forms the basis of a good cooperation. So that’s why they fully invest in getting to know you, your market and your requirements. And let’s not forget: they have a direct link with their growers and cooperatives, so you can fully benefit from the entire chain

Perfectly geared to your demands

Packaging, sorting, finishing: all are perfectly attuned to you and your market. This tailor-made approach is only possible thanks to the close relationship that is established between you and your suppliers. Our motto? ‘Customised is standard’—which enables you to swiftly strengthen your market position.

Straight from the heart of Europe

Wherever you are, we’re closer than you think. Belgium, in the heart of Europe, has a comprehensive transportation network:

  • Road transport for fruit and vegetables in neighbouring countries
  • Port of Antwerp and multiple cargo airports for worldwide fruit and vegetable transport.

Simultaneous clock auction

Fruit and vegetables were sold by clock auction for the very first time in 1950. Today, this typical Belgian way of selling still stands—albeit fully digital—creating a unique selling system in an ultra-modern sales facility.

  • Products inspected and classified into uniform quality blocks
  • Products from all Belgian auction houses offered for sale via a simultaneous clock auction
  • Home-buying system for buyers to actively take part online

In addition to this unique clock system, produce can also be sold via agreements.

Partners in the spotlight


Since 1939, Calsa has been bringing fresh fruit and vegetables from the field to your plate every day, all over the world. Quality, respect for nature and a personal approach are central to this. They are the ingredients for strong long term partnerships.

From the surrounding fields and the Belgian cooperatives: Calsa selects and buys local fruit and vegetables that meet the wishes of its customers.

Wholesale, supermarket chains or processing industry: with a tailor-made programme, each customer receives produce according to his wishes, daily fresh and according to high quality standards. No location in the world is too difficult to reach for Calsa, we have our world-class logistics network at disposal to deliver every client in a fast and cost effective way.

Our family business has grown considerably in the last 80 years, but the personal approach from the early days has remained. Calsa speaks the language of its customers, even literally. French, English, German or even Russian: our highly motivated staff masters many languages. And Calsa also tailors its range perfectly to the needs of its customers. For wholesalers, supermarkets and industrial processing.

Complete transparency and traceability: during each stage, Calsa closely monitors its products, including strict controls on food safety.

Our suppliers deliver daily to fulfill our needs. No large stock, but fresh produce, straight from the field. Grown and delivered under strict control. By close supervision and clear agreements during each stage of the trade, we can guarantee food safety and quality. For each product, at each moment.

Interested to build a new long lasting and fruitful cooperation?

Nicolaï Fruit

Nicolaï Fruit is a Belgian family business with 40 years of experience in trading fruit and vegetables. In addition to offering excellent service and high quality, we aim to take away any concerns our customers may have. Hence our emphasis on customer focus, flexibility, reliability and transparent communication. Reliability and partnership are our goal, not least in the long term, and we achieve this by building and maintaining good working relationships.

At Nicolaï Fruit our greatest pride is in our staff, however. The close-knit team, the deployability and drive for our customers and each other sets us apart from other suppliers in the sector. Thanks to our employees' expertise, professionalism, talents and positive motivation, we aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

The challenge is not to want to become the biggest, but to remain the best.
We want to be a solid link between fruit and vegetable growers on the one hand and large importers, distributors and supermarkets on the other. We buy our products from the best Belgian fruit growers and we supply customers throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

Having built up many years of collaboration with a network of producers, Nicolaï Fruit vouches for the high quality that you are looking for, as well as the freshness and safety of our products. Satisfaction of the end consumer is guaranteed.


Discover a world of fruit and vegetables

A solid partner in fruit and vegetables
When you think of fruit and vegetables, you think of Demargro. Established in 1975, Demargro has over 45 years of experience in the world of fruit and vegetables and has evolved into one of the largest exporters of fresh fruit and vegetables thanks to the efforts of our entire team. Flexibility in any field, catering to market needs, and constant quality combined with the best service at a correct price increasingly consolidate this position.

Expertise in export
Demargro bvba exports the full range of fruit and vegetables of the highest quality to all European countries.

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