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Sector info.

billion turnover in 2020
billion kg/pc supply of fresh produce (in 2020)
tons of tomatoes produced in 2020 (nr.1 exported vegetables)
tons of pears produced in 2020 (nr.1 exported fruits)
million turnover on strawberries in 2020
varieties of fresh products
FLANDRIA products
passionate growers of fruits and vegetables

Belgian fruit and vegetables specialists

Sure, climate and soil form the perfect ecosystem for our fruit and vegetables.

But it’s the reliability of the entire production chain that really makes the difference. Growers, cooperatives, suppliers: everyone has the ambition to stand out. The sum of all these ambitions? Produce of pure quality.

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Our brands


Flandria is the Belgian label of quality par excellence for fruit and vegetables. From its inception in 1995, the Flandria label has given added value to a wide range of fresh produce: from fruit and vegetables grown outdoors and under glass to niche products and forgotten vegetables.Flandria is committed to:

  • Sustainable production
  • Quality beyond reproach
  • Family businesses

Only the freshest produce that scores highly in terms of taste and intrinsic properties is awarded the Flandria approval mark. This label owes its premium position to the efforts over many years by growers and the effective quality policy of the cooperatives (auction houses).

Fine Fleur

  • Authentic cultivation
  • Unique product properties
  • Major involvement of producers

Fine Fleur represents authentic and seasonal local products that burst of flavour and vitamins thanks to their artisanal cultivation in the Flemish soil beneath the sun, in greenhouses or in natural soil. Fine Fleur fruit and vegetables are also distinguished by their specific choice of varieties, rapid harvest, strict sorting, extra cooling and attractive packaging. These unique product characteristics prove that Fine Fleur products are grown with passion, expertise and strong commitment by progressive growers. The Fine Fleur family includes 14 quality products: soil tomatoes, soil chicory, lettuce, courgettes, leeks, curled endive, soil strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants, blackberries, blueberries, salad greens, cauliflower and hop shoots.


  • Tasteful presentation
  • Major flexibility of growers
  • Optimal service

Besides great care for impeccable product quality, Tomabel growers spend a lot of time and effort on tasteful presentation of their locally grown fruit and vegetables in attractive packaging. This not only shows a strong drive and great flexibility, but also a genuine pride and appreciation of the Tomabel growers for their quality label. This close connection between grower and product perhaps typifies Tomabel the most, together with an optimal service that guarantees the buyer that he can buy Tomabel with his eyes closed. The Tomabel assortment consists of tomatoes, strawberries, mushrooms, Baby Leaf, lamb's lettuce and chicory.


Strawberries are the main quality product for our cooperative. They account for about half of our sales: more than 30 mio kg of strawberries are traded each year. . All our strawberries carry the Hoogstraten quality label and are GlobalGap certified. The strawberries are inspected and classified in uniform quality sections. On top of our strawberries we offer also a wide range of berries, cherries, tomatoes, peppers and some other vegetables.

BelOrta fruit & vegetables

A wide selection of over 120 vegetable and 30 fruit varieties, and 20 fresh herbs. Only top-quality produce earns the Flandria quality label.


Class-1 fruit and vegetables that comply with the already strict statutory requirements but that do not meet the additional requirements of the brands TRUVAL and SIRA can be supplied as a generic product under the BFV label.

Truval (BFV)

Only the very best fruit (apples, pears, strawberries, berries and cherries), amounting to some 20 to 25% of the supply, merits the name TRUVAL. Thus, especially stringent conditions are enforced before the product may bear that name. The indisputable leading position that TRUVAL has held since its foundation in 1995 clearly proves the confidence that Belgian consumers have in it.

Our 4000 passionate growers

Belgian family businesses produce home-grown fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables. Our passionate growers feel highly involved in their productions. In addition, they are given support by professional crop advisers and product development specialists.

Thanks to its favourable climate and fertile soil, Belgium is a natural breeding ground of fruit and vegetables. Through the centuries—and up to the present day—Belgian growers have become ever more proficient in cultivating top-quality produce.

  • Traditional Belgian family businesses
  • Dedication and craftsmanship based on years of experience and expertise
  • Innovative and entrepreneurial spirit

Our 5 Flemish cooperatives

The majority of Belgian fruit and vegetables are traded via auction houses - which combine their offers as large, uniform consignments. A far-reaching quality policy guarantees that the customer’s requirements are always met.

Our 5 Flemish cooperatives together sell more than 100 different types of fruit and vegetables, in large volumes for clients in Europe, the UK, Canada, the US, Dubai, China, Singapore, India, Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, Israel, Hong Kong, United Emirates, Japan. The daily fresh fruit and vegetables are prepared to go to the market by 3,500 growers with a long history of expertise and professional skills. Together they deliver more than 1,5 million ton (!) of fruit and vegetables every year.

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Sustainability: responsibly fresh (Goodness by nature)

Our products display the ‘Responsibly Fresh’ label. It is a sign of the participation of the corresponding growers’ and producers' organisations to the collective sustainability project with the same name.

The sustainability project builds on three pillars:

  • Growers deliberately choose a cooperative approach, as standing together makes them stronger.
  • Fruit and vegetables are intrinsically healthy. With this in mind, the sector focuses on food safety and nutritional economy.
  • The sector aims at booking progress with attention to natural elements. Fruits and vegetables are grown with a minimum impact on the environment and the surroundings.

Through Responsibly Fresh ‘Goodness by nature’, growers and cooperatives wish to meet the Sustainable Development goals of the United Nations.

The engagement of growers within Responsibly Fresh ‘Goodness by nature’ contributes to a wide assortment of fruit and vegetables that are reliable, high-quality and healthy, for both today’s and tomorrow’s consumers. www.responsiblyfresh.eu

Quality, research and innovation

We know it’s easy to say that the quality of our produce is impeccable, and that it tastes fantastic. But here in Belgium, we have good reason to say so—thanks to our growers’ uncompromising drive for quality and innovation.

Research Centres and Research Stations form unique collaboration platforms between universities and growers:

  • Fundamental scientific research in field and semi-field trials and dissemination activities
  • Best practices and new technologies are implemented at the farms

Specifications for production conditions define mandatory procedures for all growers:

  • Integrated Production Method through prevention, monitoring and intervention
  • Sanitary and working conditions at the growers
  • Traceability to parcel level


Food safety and hygiene are our top priority.

Our cooperatives, producers and staff make great efforts on a daily basis to provide our clients with the highest-quality product-safe fresh fruit and vegetables. Our products have the reputation of being very reliable, and our certificates guarantee it.

In full control of Food Safety

The Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC) is Belgium’s overarching control agency for food safety.

Its mission is to ensure food safety and quality in order to protect the health of consumers, animals and plants—with food safety inspections, integrated controls on food, feed and fertilisers, and prevention and control measures.

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