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REO Veiling is a cooperative growers' association with 800 active growers who comply with GlobalG.A.P. and the current food safety systems in Europe. Together, they grow 200 million kg of fruit and vegetables for the fresh market every year.

The REO Veiling controls the supplied quality products and commercialises them through various sales systems and an optimal service. Belgian controlled fruit and vegetables linked to controlled cultivation have a name: Flandria, Tomabel or Fine Fleur. The REO Veiling markets its 70 varieties of fruit and vegetables under these three quality labels quickly and efficiently. This means that the auctioned fruit and vegetables can be in the shops just one day after harvesting

Our brands


  • Sustainable cultivation
  • Attractive volumes
  • Harvested professionally at family businesse

Flandria groups 65 types of fruit and vegetables that are offered to the international fresh market in large product lots and attractive volumes. This wide range includes both typical Flemish open-air vegetables and 'more southern' products grown under glass. All Flandria products are grown on family farms with great respect for ecological balance. Environmental awareness, sustainability and hygiene are therefore important key words in the cultivation of Flandria products. In addition, Flandria fruit and vegetables are grown with great expertise and the professional support of scientists and product developers, who constantly work to improve the quality, freshness and shelf life of Flandria products....


  • Tasteful presentation
  • Major flexibility of growers
  • Optimal service

Besides great care for impeccable product quality, Tomabel growers spend a lot of time and effort on tasteful presentation of their locally grown fruit and vegetables in attractive packaging. This not only shows a strong drive and great flexibility, but also a genuine pride and appreciation of the Tomabel growers for their quality label. This close connection between grower and product perhaps typifies Tomabel the most, together with an optimal service that guarantees the buyer that he can buy Tomabel with his eyes closed. The Tomabel assortment consists of tomatoes, strawberries, mushrooms, Baby Leaf, lamb's lettuce and chicory....

Fine Fleur

  • Authentic cultivation
  • Unique product properties
  • Major involvement of producers

Fine Fleur represents authentic and seasonal local products that burst of flavour and vitamins thanks to their artisanal cultivation in the Flemish soil beneath the sun, in greenhouses or in natural soil. Fine Fleur fruit and vegetables are also distinguished by their specific choice of varieties, rapid harvest, strict sorting, extra cooling and attractive packaging. These unique product characteristics prove that Fine Fleur products are grown with passion, expertise and strong commitment by progressive growers. The Fine Fleur family includes 14 quality products: soil tomatoes, soil chicory, lettuce, courgettes, leeks, curled endive, soil strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants, blackberries, blueberries, salad greens, cauliflower and hop shoots....


  • Natural protection
  • Grown in fertile soil
  • With great respect for person, plant and planet

The REO Veiling is making great efforts to increase the sustainability of its fruit and vegetables. This translates into a growing range of organic products. Mushrooms are the most important organic product at the REO Veiling. The organic products of the REO Veiling are grown with great respect for natural protection, using the power of the ecosystem and biodiversity. In fertile soil, natural resources are handled with great care and no technology is used whose long-term effects on the health of the soil, plants and environment we cannot estimate, is just as important as human health....

Our products

Vine tomatoes

  • Supply: 38 million kg in 2020
  • Availability: Jan-Dec
  • Quality labels: Flandria, Tomabel

Due to a significant increase in acreage, the supply of fresh vine tomatoes at the REO Veiling quadrupled(!) in the last four years, from 9 million kg in 2017 to 38 million kg in 2020. Vine tomatoes are available all year round at the REO Veiling thanks to new varieties, innovative production techniques and improved harvest security. REO Veiling offers its vine tomatoes under the quality labels Tomabel and Flandria. Tomabel and Flandria vine tomatoes are packed in standard EPS-T cases or cardboard boxes, but are also available in specific packaging of your choice. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are at your service.


  • Supply: 57 million kg in 2020
  • Availability: Jan-Dec
  • Quality labels: Flandria, Fine Fleur

The REO Veiling is an important supplier of leeks for the European fresh market throughout the year. Around 325 affiliated leek growers sold almost 57 million kg of leeks at REO Veiling in 2020, 77% of which were sold abroad. REO Veiling markets its leeks under the Fine Fleur and Flandria quality labels. It is also possible to purchase organically grown leeks at the REO Veiling. Leek is standard packed in a green EPS-H box or a cardboard box, but is also available in packaging of your choice, such as net bags or flowpacks. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are at your service.


  • Supply: 7 million units in 2020
  • Availability: Jan-Decs
  • Quality label: Flandria

The REO Veiling is a main supplier in Europe of celeriac. On average, its growers sell 7 million units every year at the REO Veiling. The REO Veiling markets this large range not only in reusable packaging, but also in one-off packaging such as a wooden crate, a cardboard box or a box. If required, clients can also obtain celeriac in net bags or loose on the lorry. The REO Veiling sells its celeriac under the Flandria quality label and within its growing range of organically grown fruit and vegetables. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are at your service.


  • Supply: 17 million kg in 2020
  • Availability: Jan-Dec
  • Quality labels: Flandria, Fine Fleur, Tomabel

With a supply of 17 million kg in 2020, chicory remains a permanent value in the REO Veiling's product range. The growing diversification and increasing segmentation within the REO supply of chicory are the result of a strong growth in the production of organic chicory, together with advanced automation and robotisation in chicory growing. This modernisation allows chicory to be packaged more homogenously, to be prepared for the market in (retail) packaging (in trays, flow packs, etc.) and to be offered in specific product modalities: calibrated for weight, head size, etc. REO chicory is standard packed in a carton, in an EPS-T case with cover sheet. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are at your service.


  • Supply: 9 million punnets (500gr) in 2020
  • Availability: Jan-Dec
  • Quality Labels: Tomabel, Flandria

The cultivation of strawberries is becoming more and more professional among the growersof the REO Veiling and is therefore on the rise on their specialised farms. In 2020, REO Veiling sold over 9 million punnets (500gr) of fresh strawberries. The peak in supply is in spring and summer, but thanks to the expertise of the growers and sustainable innovations in the modern cultivation process, strawberries are available all year round under the quality brands Tomabel and Flandria. The REO Veiling strawberries are standard available per 8 punnets (500gr) in a cardboard box, but can also be delivered in a packaging of your choice. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are at your service.

Curled endive

  • Supply: 219.000 units in 2020
  • Jaarrond beschikbaar
  • Merken: Fine Fleur

REO Veiling sells its curled endive under the Fine Fleur quality label. This means that the REO Veiling's curled endive is traditionally grown in the ground and is not harvested too heavily so as to optimally retain its specific shape and firmness. The heart of the head is also at least 60 % golden yellow. In 2020, the REO Veiling sold 219,000 units of this niche product. Fine Fleur curled endive is packaged as standard in a green EPS-H box or in an open flow pack, but is also available on request in a packaging of your choice. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are at your service.

and many more

Wide product range

The REO Veiling offers a wide range of greenhouse vegetables and a broad selection of open-air vegetables, from conventional to organic, from classic varieties to culinary specialities, from forgotten vegetables to innovative varieties, all grown in accordance with the strictest standards for safe and healthy food.

This wide variety ensures a even spread of the product range throughout the year, making it possible to buy high-quality fruit and vegetables in attractive volumes at the REO Veiling. The geo-central location of the REO Veiling close to urban areas in Europe shortens time and kilometres during distribution, which benefits the preservation of the REO products.

Extensive services

The REO Veiling sells its fresh fruit and vegetables in sustainable standard packaging, but also, if the buyer so wishes, in special one-off and small packaging.

The REO Veiling also offers technical and logistical support to its buyers. Vacuum cooling guarantees longer shelf life of the leafy crops, and refrigerated overnight quays ensure a 24-hour service for loading the auctioned products. Thanks to its extensive services and the flexibility of its growers, the REO Veiling provides a solid response to specific market demands of its buyers. In this way, the REO Veiling works every day as a reliable trading partner to build a solid, long-term relationship with its buyers.

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