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All about LTV.

LTV is a small growers' cooperative of fruit and vegetable growers with 744 members (including 150 active members) and a broad buyer clientele. Our offer consists of an extensive range of Belgian products that we can subdivide into 3 large groups: vegetables, fruit, and strawberries.

Together with the other fruit and vegetable cooperatives in Belgium, we participate in a day-by-day sales system in which the auction clock plays a central role. Freshly delivered quality products are immediately offered for sale and sold at the clocked price. In this way we can guarantee fresh, safe, healthy and sustainable fruit and vegetables for our buyers.

Our products


Flandria is our Belgian label of quality par excellence for fruit and vegetables. From its inception in 1995, the Flandria label has given added value to a wide range of fresh produce.
Only the freshest produce that scores highly in terms of taste and intrinsic properties is awarded the Flandria approval mark. This label owes its premium position to growers’ efforts over many years and the effective quality policy of the cooperatives.


The new taste sensation in a handy package. Discover the healthy fruit snack full of flavour that is taking the Benelux by storm. Sourced from sun-drenched orchards, Rockit™ is a natural flavour sensation packed with healthy nutrients. Rockit™ is conveniently packaged in a recyclable tube that fits in any school bag, cup holder, and of course on your desk. Snack healthy, snack Rockit™!...

Me Amore Pear

Plantations and production have increased well these years. In terms of taste, the Me Amore is freshly sweet and full of aroma. The most beautiful distinguishing feature of the new variety is its deep red colour....

Corina Pear

The Corina is an early selection of Conférence. In terms of fruit shape, appearance and taste, Corina can be compared to Conférence. The pear is large and slender in size and is greenish yellow in colour with large reddish-brown spots. The light orange flesh is juicy and has a ‘melting’, slightly grainy texture. The peel is quite firm. The picking time of the Corina is 3 weeks earlier than its mother variety Conférence....

Nadia cherry plum

This is an uncommon, new variety that looks like a giant cherry or a small plum, depending on how you look at it. This fruit has all the characteristics of a cherry: red flesh, juicy, small pit… The Nadia cherry plum is produced in Australia and has been tested in California, Washington State and Europe. Ltfresh has an exclusive contract to plant this variety in Belgium, and production is being handled exclusively via LTV....

Zoe Sa apple

Maribelle is a variety with an exceptional pink colour, and is juicy and good-tasting. This apple is also known as the Pink Lady of the North. LTV is bringing this apple, cultivated by its own growers, to the market under the name Zoe sa....


Our selection consists of a wide range of Belgian products that we can subdivide into five major groups: vegetables, hard fruits, soft fruits, cherries and strawberries.

High-quality hard fruits, soft fruits, cherries and strawberries from our own growers are traded under our own brand, ‘Frubel’

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