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Cooperative Hoogstraten.

Cooperative hoogstraten, home of quality

Coöperatie Hoogstraten cv is a large player on the European fruit and vegetable market with a product turnover of 290 million Euro in 2020. Our main products are strawberries, tomatoes, peppers and specials. All of them are sold under the Hoogstraten brand and the greenhouse vegetables have the Flandria quality label. Thanks to an innovative lighting-based cultivation technique and expert knowledge most of our products are year-round available.

Coöperatie Hoogstraten cv offers healthy, safe and sustainably produced food. We strive for growth of the horticultural sector in a healthy, profitable business climate. In doing so, a specialised high-quality service, innovation, cost management and sustainability take centre stage. Innovation is coupled with a continuous concern for quality, in products as well as in service. This is indispensable to maintain a close partnership with our 220 growers. We have the QS and IFS-certification and all our growers are GlobalGAP certified. In conclusion, everything revolves around quality.

Our products


Strawberries are the main quality product for our cooperative. They account for about half of our sales: more than 30 mio kg of strawberries are traded each year. Did you know that one third of all strawberries sold at Hoogstraten are grown in the Netherlands? This is the direct result of our long-term collaboration with CLTV Zundert. All our strawberries carry the Hoogstraten quality label and are GlobalGap certified. The strawberries are inspected and classified in uniform quality sections. Once they have been cooled, the strawberries are offered together with similar products from other Flemish cooperatives in simultaneous clock auctions. A small volume of strawberries is sold by e-mediation, a system that allows buyers to purchase their weekly volume of strawberries at a pre-set price. Hoogstraten strawberries provide a living to more than 200 Belgian family businesses. They use all the knowledge and energy they have to carefully pick, cautiously select and perfectly present their produce. As a result, Hoogstraten strawberries are known all over the world. Our strawberry growers are proud of their achievements.

Varieties: Elsanta, Sonata, Sonation, Murano

Availability: all year round


Since its inception, our cooperative has been known for its strawberries, but in recent years other soft fruit crops have also grown in popularity like berries for example. All our berries carry the Hoogstraten quality label and are GlobalGap certified. Kiwi berries are our main category. The supply continues to increase each year.

Range: kiwi berries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.


Our sweet cherries burst with flavour and are the perfect healthy summer snack. Different varieties offer a wide range of colour from purple red to black red with all shades in between. Our cherries are the result of protected cropping and are harvested when ripe. All of our cherry growers are therefore GlobalGap certified. The Hoogstraten quality label is only provided if their cherries meet the strictest requirements.

Varieties: Kordia, Regina, Bellise, Carmen and Samba


Loose or on the vine, every tomato leaving the cooperative will be blushing with flavour and goodness. All our tomatoes have firm flesh and are similar in colour across their entire surface. Their regular form shows no deformities or blemishes, which makes them sought after by the more demanding consumers. This is hardly surprising: all Hoogstraten tomatoes are GlobalGap certified and only top quality produce receives the Flandria quality label. This ensures that the tomatoes are grown with respect for people and the environment. Each tomato is classified according to grade, flavour and texture. Every segment is easily recognisable by its own packaging. Custom-tailored packagings and/or presentations are available on demand.

Varieties: Baron, Prince, Elite and Princess (= Flandria label)


Our peppers are firm and uniform in colour and have smooth, shiny skin. The white core inside contains seeds. The peppers have a smooth green calyx wi thout any cracks, blemishes or burns. Each pepper has a stalk that has been cleanly cut at the natural breaking point. Of course all our peppers are GlobalGap certified and receive the Flandria quality label if they meet the strict standards.

Colours: red, green, yellow and orange + variety: Piccantina


Coöperatie Hoogstraten offers also products which are sold by other cooperatives, f.e. cucumbers, zucchini, gherkins, asparagus, cauliflower, radish and pumpkins. Our main ambition is to put safe and healthy food on the market at the best possible price for our members. To fulfill this task to the best of our ability, we work closely with other organisations who also strive for the highest quality. Other cooperatives can sell their products here (and vice versa) without any of the growers being members. This type of guest auction is clearly very effective: we have been mixing our own product offer with that of other cooperatives since 1996....


The specials brought a breath of fresh air to our range. We used new products – our specials – to fill a gap in the market. Our specials follow the contemporary food trend perfectly. We offer a wide variety of innovative products with over 30 different specials. A nice shape, vibrant in colour ... and above all packed with flavour! Our specials are grown according to the strict Flandria standards and are sold in various packings. They are usually sold by mediation through the Hoogstraten sales team (weekly prices and long-term contracts), but sometimes also in clock-based auctions....

Fruitful collaboration

At Coöperatie Hoogstraten cv we do a lot more than sell fruit and vegetables. We are all about getting an honest price for delicious products, whether they are strawberries, tomatoes or peppers. Our crops are grown with great passion on fields and in greenhouses around us, and we make sure that all those trays of fresh fruit and vegetables reach their destination.

Core values

  • Quality and food safety
  • Research and development
  • Always the right price
  • Custom-tailored service
  • For people and the environment

Meet our team

Meet Luc Bruneel

Sales & Marketing Manager


Meet Natalie Snijers

Teamleader Tomato Specials


Meet Bart Van Bael

Teamleader Tomatoes and Bell Peppers


Meet Marcel Biemans

Teamleader Strawberries and Soft Fruit


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