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All about BelOrta.

Fruit and vegetables full of taste and fun, that's BelOrta.

Each year, more than 1,000 growers ensure the continuous supply of some 120 kinds of vegetables, 30 kinds of fruit and many varieties of herbs.

Together, the BelOrta growers produce more than 660 million units of fruit and vegetables each year. The range varies from established classics to hyper-innovative products, from high-volume staples to refined specialties, from conventional to organic.

  • All of these products benefit from the same stringent cultivation method.
  • Because of this, all vegetable and fruit specialists will find the majority of their product selection requirements at BelOrta.

Our brands

BelOrta Fruit & Vegetables

BelOrta offers the very best product from more than 1000 local growers, all under one brand. A wide range of more than 120 vegetables, 30 fruit varieties and 20 fresh herbs. Healthy, fresh and above all delicious....

BelOrta Organic

Organic products have been on the rise for two decades now, and we have also noticed this at BelOrta. The total spending on organic products continues to increase, as does the BelOrta volumes and range. Last season we recorded an increase in acreage in greenhouse vegetables and introduced new references to the market, including the launch of organic kohlrabi....

BelOrta Chef

Looking to amaze your guests? Take a look at our BelOrta Chef range. It includes a diverse and colourful range of forgotten, innovative or particularly striking products....


Kanzi® is not just an apple, it is a quality apple. Its luxurious presentation is an enticing prelude to the crisp bite and deliciously balanced sweet and sour flavour that results from our unique blend of a sour-sweet taste with a juicy bite....


Migo® : the "Friendly Pear" can be eaten anytime, anywhere. Its taste is deliciously sweet, fresh and juicy. Migo also distinguishes itself by its exceptional shelf life, smooth skin, beautiful shape and good hardness. In short: the pear that puts a smile on your face....


The Fred® pear, the fruit of more than 18(!) years of testing and perfecting, stands out for its unique taste, striking looks and 100% local origin. Teptional shelf life, smooth skin, beautiful shape and good hardness. In short: the pear that puts a smile on your face....


As an organisation for and by our producers, it goes without saying that care for the environment, fellow human beings and society is a crucial guiding principle in our activities.

In 2020, BelOrta obtained the UNITAR SDG Pioneer certificate, thus demonstrating that it considers sustainable entrepreneurship to be of paramount importance. BelOrta has invested in the replacement of traditional lighting in all its warehouses with LED lighting, the collection and use of rainwater, less individual packaging and less packagingmaterials (reduce), less use of plastic packagingmaterials and the use of mono-material packagings (better recyclable), a contribution to research and development for the benefit of producers, sponsorship of charities for first-new-season-sales, actions to support employee satisfaction and welfare, etc.


BelOrta’s aim is to offer its consumers the most delicious and most inspirational produce of the best possible quality. We strive to achieve continuous innovation in our product, design and packaging range.

In addition to the successful introduction of the Belgian plum in 2018, BelOrta successfully added the Belgian BelOmelon melon and the Fred® pear to its product range in 2020. The BelOmelon was grown for the first time at a larger production level after several years of testing on a small scale in pilot plantations. The Fred® pear, in turn, was introduced to the general public after more than 18 years of testing and perfecting. Furthermore, BelOrta launched the Crunchy King-concept for its mini-cucumbers as well as the presale of daily freshly harvested lettuce.

Pioneer in packaging innovations

Sustainability is a keyword in the development of our small and outer packaging. As a pioneer in packaging innovation, we have introduced an extensive range of new packaging option in recent years.

On the fruit side, we launched cardboard topseal punnets, we were at the forefront of the launch of cardboard sleeves for pome fruit, our strawberry-, berry- and pearpunnets are made from 100% recycled PET raw materials and we are involved in a project for bio-compostable fruit stickers.

On the vegetable side, we launched cardboard trays and baskets for our tomatoes, asparagus and chicory, among other things, and launched a new snack line (Happy Snacking) in cardboard shakers and buckets. Recently, investments were made in a new type of packaging, the so-called banderol, whereby plastic packaging was again replaced by paper. With regard to outer packaging, we worked, among other things, on modernising our wooden crates, compostable cover sheets, etc.

Meet our team

Meet Maarten Verhaegen

fruit vegetables & specialties


Meet Benny Cuypers

leafy vegetables & vegetable crops


Meet Laurent De Smedt

Meet Miguel Demaeght

Meet Sander De Proost

Meet Didier Lepoutre

Export & marketdevelopment


Meet Jo Lambrecht

Manager Sales & Marketing


BelOrta as a one-stop-shop

You can come to BelOrta for an array of products that includes more than 170 different varieties of fruit, vegetables and herbs. This wide productrange makes BelOrta a one-stop-shop for all fruit and vegetables that can be grown in Northwest Europe.

Of course, there are the larger volumes such as the well-known conference pears, vine tomatoes, round and beef tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, but BelOrta also offers vegetables like parsnips, turnips, butter beans, fruits such as gooseberries, white strawberries and sourcherries and even a very wide range of fresh herbs.
We are constantly searching for better tasting varieties. We want consumers to enjoy our products in a healthy way. In various consumer surveys, taste has been identified as the most important purchasing criterion. This quest for taste translates into taste innovations, but also into taste improvements of existing classics. Taste is used as a most important decision criterion in the proces of productdevelopment.

The BelOrta headquarters in Sint-Katelijne-Waver is the central hub in the logistic heart of North-Western Europe for fresh produce This BelOrta site is not only situated on the important logistic connecting axes between North and South, but also on the Belgian level the strategic location of the site, between Brucargo & Port of Antwerp, is an asset. BelOrta Zellik’s central location makes it an extremely important hub for a large part of the trade in Brussels and Wallonia, as well as for exports to France. Our site in Borgloon is located right in the heart of the fruit-growing region. Here we concentrate fully on fruit.

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